How to Add a Background Photo When Sharing a Feed Post in Your Instagram Story


With its ephemeral nature and various creative features, it’s a fun way to engage with your followers. One of the features that can add a personal touch to your Instagram Stories is the ability to share feed posts with your own commentary.

Step 1: Choose the Feed Post

Choose the Feed Post

Before you can add a background photo to your Instagram Story, you need to select the feed post you want to share. Scroll through your feed to find the post that’s relevant to your story, and tap on it to open it.

Step 2: Tap the Paper Airplane Icon

Tap the Paper Airplane Icon

Beneath the post, you’ll see several icons, including a paper airplane. Tap on the paper airplane icon to open the sharing options.

Step 3: Select “Add Post to Your Story”

Add Post to Your Story

Once you’ve tapped the paper airplane icon, a menu will appear with different sharing options. Among these options, you’ll find “Add Post to Your Story.” Select this option to begin the process.

Step 4: Customize Your Story

Customize Your Story

Now, your selected feed post will appear in your Instagram Story, but it’s not time to add the background photo just yet.

Step 5: Add a Background Photo.

Add a Background Photo.

a. Tap the “Aa” icon at the top right to add text or commentary to your story if desired.

b. Once you’ve added your text or commentary. To do this, tap the “Sticker” icon, which looks like a square smiley face.

c. From the stickers menu, select the “Camera Roll” option. This will allow you to pick a photo from your phone’s gallery to serve as the background for your story.

d. Select the desired background photo from your gallery. You can pinch to resize and drag to position it as you like. The background photo will be added to your story.

Step 6: Share Your Story

Share Your Story

With the background photo in place, you can now customize your story further by adding other stickers, filters, or drawings. Once you’re satisfied with your creation, tap “Your Story” at the bottom of the screen to share it with your followers.


Adding a background photo to a feed post shared in your Instagram Story is a creative way to make your content more unique and eye-catching. It can help your story stand out and tell a more compelling visual narrative.

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