Top 10 Hacks of Instagram Story you may not know in 2023

Top 10 Little-Known Tips to Make the Most of Instagram Stories

In the vibrant world of social media, Instagram Stories have carved a special place for themselves. These ephemeral snippets of your life provide a unique opportunity to engage with your followers in a creative and personal way. While you might already be using Stories to share your day-to-day adventures, there are some lesser-known tips that can help you elevate your Story game to the next level. Let’s dive into these 10 simple yet effective tips that you may not know abou

Swipe-Up Links (For Eligible Accounts)

If you have a business account with 10k+ followers or a verified account, you can use the “Swipe Up” feature to include clickable links in your Stories. This is a fantastic way to direct your audience to articles, products, or external content.

Add a professional touch to your Stories by using the alignment tool. To center-align text, type your message, then tap the “Aa” icon and select the “Center” option.

Hands-Free Recording


Sometimes, holding down the record button can be a hassle. Luckily, Instagram lets you record videos without the need to hold the button. Just tap the record button once to start, and tap it again to stop

Hide Hashtags and Mentions


Don’t want to clutter your Stories with hashtags or usernames? Shrink them down by pinching the screen to make them super small, and then place them where they’re less obtrusive.

Use Multiple Fonts in a Single Text


Add a touch of personality by mixing different fonts within the same text. Type a portion of your text, select it, tap “Aa” at the top, and choose another font style for that selection.

Create Custom Color Backgrounds


Unleash your creative side by using the color dropper tool. Pick a color from your image and then hold the screen for a few seconds to turn the background that color.

Share Feed Posts to Stories


Give your feed posts extra visibility by sharing them to your Stories. Just tap the paper airplane icon under the post and select “Add post to your story.”

Utilize Polls for Interaction


Engage with your audience by using the poll sticker. Ask questions and see instant results as viewers cast their votes.

Highlight Covers that Pop


Customize your profile’s aesthetic by designing unique covers for your Story Highlights. You can use apps to create stunning highlight covers that resonate with your branding.

Rearrange Filters and Hide Them


To make finding your favorite filters easier, press and hold a filter’s thumbnail to rearrange or hide the ones you rarely use.

There you have it – 10 Instagram Story tips that can give your content that extra edge. From subtle design tweaks to interactive features, each of these steps can help you create more engaging and captivating Stories. So go ahead and experiment with these tips to make your Instagram Stories a true reflection of your creativity and style

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