Instagram Story Sizes: A Comprehensive Guide


Instagram Stories have become an essential part of the platform, allowing users to share ephemeral content that disappears after 24 hours. To make the most of this feature, it’s crucial to understand the various Instagram Story sizes and dimensions. Whether you’re an individual user or a brand looking to engage your audience, knowing the right dimensions will help you create visually appealing and professional-looking Stories. In this article, we will explore all the Instagram Story sizes you need to know.

Instagram Story Dimensions

Instagram Stories come in different formats, including images, videos, and various interactive elements. To ensure your content appears well on both mobile devices and desktop screens, it’s essential to use the correct dimensions. Here are the primary Instagram Story sizes you should be aware of

Image Dimensions

The recommended image size for an Instagram Story is 1080 pixels in width and 1920 pixels in height, also known as a 9:16 aspect ratio.
You can upload images with lower resolutions, but for the best quality, stick to the recommended dimensions.

Video Dimensions

For videos in Instagram Stories, use the same dimensions as images: 1080 pixels by 1920 pixels (9:16 aspect ratio).
Instagram Stories support videos up to 60 seconds in length. However, longer videos can be divided into multiple 15-second segments.

Carousel Dimensions

Instagram allows you to create a Story carousel by adding multiple images or videos. Each card within the carousel should have the same dimensions as individual Stories: 1080×1920 pixels (9:16 aspect ratio).

Interactive Elements

Instagram Stories offer various interactive elements like polls, questions, countdowns, and quizzes. These elements are designed to fit within the 9:16 aspect ratio, so no specific dimensions are required.

IGTV Preview

If you want to promote an IGTV video through your Story, Instagram will automatically generate a preview thumbnail with the correct dimensions.

Profile Picture Dimensions

Your profile picture, which appears within your Instagram Stories, should be uploaded as a 110×110 pixel square image.

Tips for Creating Engaging Instagram Stories



Maintain a consistent visual style in your Stories to strengthen your brand identity.

Use Templates:


Explore Instagram Story template apps or create your own templates to maintain a consistent look and feel.

Add Text and Emojis:


Utilize text overlays and emojis to convey your message effectively.

Stickers and GIFs:


Enhance engagement by using stickers, GIFs, and interactive elements like polls and questions.

Story Highlights:


Save important Stories to your profile as Story Highlights to keep them accessible beyond the 24-hour limit.


Understanding the different Instagram Story sizes and dimensions is crucial for creating compelling and visually appealing content on the platform. By adhering to the recommended 1080×1920 pixel (9:16 aspect ratio) dimensions for images and videos, you can ensure that your Stories look their best on both mobile devices and desktop screens. Additionally, make use of interactive elements, templates, and creative features to engage your audience and make your Stories stand out. With the right dimensions and creative approach, you can make the most of this popular Instagram feature to connect with your followers and grow your online presence.

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