How to Add Music to Your Instagram Story


Instagram Stories have become one of the most popular features on the platform, allowing users to share fleeting moments of their lives with a wide audience. One way to enhance your Instagram Stories is by adding music. Music can set the mood, convey emotions, and make your stories more engaging. In this article, we’ll guide you through the steps to add music to your Instagram Story.

Open Instagram


First, ensure you have the Instagram app installed on your mobile device. If you haven’t already, download it from your device’s app store and log in to your account.

Access Your Stories


To create an Instagram Story, tap on your profile picture in the upper-left corner of the home feed or swipe right from your feed. This will open the Stories camera.

Capture or Select a Photo/Video


You can either capture a new photo or video by pressing the shutter button or select an existing photo or video from your camera roll by swiping up.

Add Music


After you’ve captured or selected your content, you’ll see various icons and stickers at the top of the screen. Look for the “Stickers” option, which is represented by a square smiley face icon.

Choose the Music Sticker


In the Stickers menu, scroll through the options until you find the “Music” sticker. It’s represented by a musical note icon. Tap on it to add music to your Story.

Search for a Song


A search bar will appear where you can search for the song you want to add. You can search by song title, artist, or lyrics. Instagram provides a vast library of songs to choose from.

Customize Your Music


Once you’ve found the song you want, you can customize how it appears on your Story. You can choose a specific part of the song, change the text style, and even move the music sticker around on your Story by tapping and holding it.

Share Your Story


Once you’re satisfied with how your music sticker looks, tap the “Your Story” button to share it with your followers. You can also choose to send it to specific friends or groups.

Tips for Adding Music to Instagram Stories

Match the music to your content

Choose a song that complements the mood or theme of your Story.

Use lyrics strategically

If the song has lyrics, make sure they enhance the message of your Story.

Preview your Story

Listen to your Story with the music before sharing it to ensure it sounds right.

Check for copyright

Be aware of copyright restrictions when using music in your Stories. Instagram has a library of licensed music, but using copyrighted tracks can lead to your content being taken down.


Adding music to your Instagram Stories is a fun and creative way to make your content more engaging and enjoyable for your audience. Follow these simple steps to enhance your Stories with the perfect soundtrack, and don’t forget to have fun experimenting with different songs and styles to express yourself and connect with your followers on a deeper level.

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